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My name is Nilia!
I have a master of teaching English as a second language from USA, Washington.
If you would like to learn grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, fluency, I would love to be your teacher.

With kind evaluations positive feedbacks and  step by step program of mine, you will learn English, everybody says it’s difficult to learn a language I understand it because I'm still learning Turkish, and a few years back I started learning French,so my ways and tips for learning and teaching can quickly help you for starting and keep going on this way 
At this time Im working as IELTS, TOEFL, YDS Teacher with students who are pilots, cabin crews, lawyers, Drs, nurses, engineers, and from many other occupations.
I can give all my experience, everything I know to you.
If you’d like to be my student I would love to be your teacher!

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