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Hello, my name is David and for ten years I have been an English language consultant and teacher in many countries around the world.

I also have experience in business, digital integration and publishing and I have worked with over 50 different industry sectors to provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise to learners of the English Language.

I am TESOL trained and qualified, and my student alumni have succeeded and graduated through various courses and examination authorities including IELTS, Cambridge ESOL and Trinity College London.

If you are a University student, I provide exciting Dissertation and Thesis workshops helping you to complete your Higher Education studies if it’s a Higher National Diploma, Associate, Batchelor, or Master’s degrees or if it’s an MBA or professional qualification.

Now, the UK has left Europe but the need for English language training, tools and mediation for people and enterprise is still very important.  

Perhaps you are looking at introducing digital integration, or when working for or with English speaking companies, a chance to improve and enhance your personal and business profiles.  

This is important when you might want or need to engage with English speaking markets across the world.

So to help you along the way, I provide engaging Business English tutorials, conversation, presentations, marketing, and English culture workshops.

If you are graduate, and or if you are looking for your next career opportunity, I can also help you write your resumes and CVs and when you have been invited, I can improve your English interview technique so you are ready and prepared for your future employer.

Now you might already be engaging with English, perhaps personally one 2one, or in a  business setting, and you might want to improve your general English skills, simply for the purposes of small talk or conversation.

I have fabulous speaking clubs and workshops where you can engage in the topics of your choice, and we explore the vocabulary and grammar together to give you more confidence and ability.

Finally if you are looking to improve your academic English perhaps in preparation for an exam, I can help you get there with a dedicated curriculum and timetable, providing one-2-one tuition or if you prefer as a study group.

Whatever your English needs and requirements are, I look forward to helping you reach your goals.

All you have to do is press the book now button below. 

See you soon.

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